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Triumph of the Sensational 7 now online!  Go read it, honkies!

Welcome to Redneck Comics, the website Alan Moore didn't call "the most interesting thing to happen to comics since my beard."  Home to Sewerman and the Sensational 7.  We're dedicated to providing the masses with free, crudely-drawn funnies, and occasionally profiting from them.

Check out the new "Redneck Universe" section (link in the navigation bar) that gives you a quick lowdown of extras and goodies!

"If people are reading our stuff in college hundreds of years from now, I think there's bigger issues than getting a Russ Meyer reference. Like... what the hell happened to the education system that they're reading Redneck Comics in college?" - Scott Williams, ComiXfan Interview, October 2004


Redneck Comics is pleased to bring you our very first sequel to our first collection of comics - entitled Redneck Comics Volume 2: Fame! (and other stories) you can purchase this tome online at our store.  It collects Journey into the Sewer (the Adventures of Sewerman) #3-6 in stunning psychedelic greyscale with a mind-bending introduction from online comics magnate b. Schatz!  Get it now you honkies!

Click here to read Triumph of the Sensational 7!

Click here to read Journey into the Sewer (The Adventures of Sewerman) #10!



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